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Near Omnipotent Heroes

Our amazing homeschool moms do most of the teaching at our co-op. We have moms who are qualified doctors, lawyers, and teachers. Best of all, our moms are Proverbs 31 women who love their families and their Lord, as their husbands and children will gladly testify!


Omnibus IV-VI Teacher

Michael has been pastoring Heritage Baptist church since 2011.  Michael has come to us with a lot of experience.  After matriculating from St. John's College Michael spent several years at Pretoria University studying Mechanical Engineering. He started several businesses before he was sent to plant Heritage Baptist Church in the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg.
He received his Bachelor of Theology degree from John Wycliffe Theological College and his Honours from North West University. He has taught on Radio Impact and Radio Pulpit, has had several articles published and has lectured at John Wycliffe Theological College. He is a Trustee of FOCUS and a Director of Harvest Missions. He also lectures Biblical Theology, Preaching and Apologetics at Mukhanyo Theological College Johannesburg Campus.
He has a beautiful wife Natalie and three children, Caleb, Calvin, and Lisbon (who are part of our co-op). In his spare time Michael likes to read, play golf, watch Liverpool FC (Depending on how they are playing!) and write about himself in the third person. Soli Deo Gloria


Omnibus I-III Teacher

Evan is a BCom Law Student at the University of the Witwatersrand. He is an Omnibus graduate and loves teaching Omnibus as it gives him more time around his favourite books. He is recently married and lives with his wife in Limpopo, where they attend Christ Baptist Church. He teaches both in-person and online, as well as managing Grace & Truth alongside Michelle, his mother, and developing the co-op website.

Adelina Alves

Online IEW and Tapestry of Grace Teacher

Adelina holds a BA in Health Sciences & Social Services (Majors: Psychology & Education); 
Post Graduate Certificate Education (English & Life Orientation); also studied Criminology (3) & History (1) as non-degree subjects. She has 5 years school-based teaching experience in English Grades 8, 9 & 10; and 2 years in Life Orientation Grades 10, 11 & 12. She is an active member at Antioch Bible Church and has competed the Antioch Counselors Training Course.  One of her two sons is studying at The Shepherd's Seminary and following in her foosteps as a teacher.  The other son is studying to become a physiotherapist.  In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, baking & various crafts (crochet, knitting & bargello embroidery).

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