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Happy Kids with Books

Primary School

Grades 3 - 8

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R 300 per month

Prepackaged School Supply Kits

Coming Soon

Starting in 2021, Grace & Truth Online will be offering many more subjects, including Science, Logic, French, Afrikaans, Latin, and more.


These subjects will be offered in a variety of formats, ranging from self-taught to live online.


Prices for these subjects range from R 300 - R 1000 per month. Students will be able to complete a full year of school for as little as R 3000 per month, less than half the price of a Christian private school.


For more information about our future course offerings, and advice on the best options for you and your family, click below for a free consultation with an experienced homeschool facilitator. 



Child Reading in the Grass

Grammar & Literature

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R 300 per month

Math Exercises


Our maths students use the Teaching Textbooks math platform. We offer math at all levels for primary school.

Each course comes with over 100 hours of multimedia instruction and self-grading lessons and tests. As the student enters his answers to each practice problem, he gets immediate feedback. If the answer is wrong, the student is given a hint, if he tries again and it is still wrong, the teacher on the program works out the problem for the student. The student never has to move on without understanding each concept. It is like having a personal tutor sitting next to your child to help him or her succeed in math. Your child can also be connected with a coach who will monitor their progress on a weekly basis.


R 300 per month

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