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Grace & Truth Online

The Comprehensive Digital Solution for Classical Christian Education


Making Classical Christian Education

Accessible to Everyone

Who are We?

At Grace and Truth Online, our mission is to assist families in training their children to think clearly and biblically. With options ranging from R 500 per month to half the price of a private school, we will give you all the tools you need to equip your child with a top-quality, internationally recognized, classical Christian education, along with a vibrant digital classroom experience.

What do we offer?

  • Our coaches will tailor an educational plan for each student and continually monitor their progress in order to take the stress and guesswork out of homeschooling.

  • We will register you for an American High School Diploma through HomeLife Academy.

  • We will select and source the best classical curriculums that give your student tools for life-long learning and leading.

  • We train each student in the Biblical Worldview that guides our teachers and permeates our curriculum, strengthening their faith to face the world.

  • We connect our students to a growing digital community of fellow scholars from Christian homes through Live Online Classes coordinated with the South African time-zone and school calendar

  • We will build an educational plan catered to your budget with the perfect combination of live online classes, coached self-paced classes, and parent-directed study. 

Course Guides

How can we ever thank the Lord for bringing this co-op opportunity into our lives? Such a blessing in spiritual discernment according to Bible truths. Our whole family is benefitting from the valuable content and the eternal values instilled through the Omnibus curriculum. Wonderful to venture on the path of Classical Christian Education with the support and discussions of a co-op family.

~Andriette van den Berg

Circular Library


In Latin, Omnibus means "all-encompassing."
The Omnibus curriculum from Veritas Press is designed to help enlighten, train, and develop young minds through the study of everything important, long-lasting, and true: the ideas, arguments and expression of the Western Canon as expressed in the Great Books.
This a series of six books that repeat a three-year cycle of Ancient, Medieval, and Modern history; the first three are at the logic stage, and the latter three at the Rhetoric stage.
Each volume features lists of both Primary and Secondary books. Primary books are the traditional Great Books, while the Secondary books provide balance in the areas of Theology, History and Literature.

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