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Grace & Truth Co-Op started as a group of families in Johannesburg who pooled our resources and skills in order to disciple our children and prepare them for university and life with a Classical Christian Education.

We recently launched our new online platform, helping to make classical Christian education accessible to families across South Africa and abroad.  Our primary aged students learn to love learning by reading great literature and doing enriching activities together.  Our higher grade students read the classics which shaped Western Civilisation.  They discuss, debate, write and speak beautifully.  They graduate with an American High School Diploma, a biblical worldview and leadership skills for life!  Our facilitators motivate students and share the load with parents.  In 2024 we are expanding as we start to bring together a community of independent campuses working together across the whole of South Africa and abroad.

Pretoria is now also open for registration for 2024 with more areas to follow!

“Train up a child in the way he should go and when his old he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 22:6

Independent Homeschool Co-ops

We are a growing community of independently run homeschool co-ops across South Africa and online which provide education through a Classical Christian Education curriculum.

The co-ops listed below are currently part of our community or in the process of joining the community.


The Johannesburg co-op is the oldest of the home school co-operatives and is where Grace and Truth all began.  The co-op is headed up by Michelle Cantrell who is one of the co-founders of Grace & Truth.  Michelle has and is home schooling all her children and also heads up Grace & Truth as director where she is intimately involved in helping other parents in Johannesburg home school their children.


The Pretoria co-op started in 2023, with a few like-minded families who are passionate about Classical Christian education. Grace & Truth Co-op in Johannesburg did excellent work in pioneering a God-glorifying, academically-excellent model which we wanted to follow in Pretoria. Our biblical worldview guides us as we are equipped and supported to teach our own children well at home, and celebrate learning together once a week. This Campus is led by Michelle Viljoen, who has been homeschooling her five children, two of whom have already graduated.