Grace & Truth Co-Op

Classical Christian Education

Grace & Truth Co-Op

Classical Christian Education

Grace & Truth Co-op

Grace & Truth Co-Op started as a group of families in Johannesburg who pooled our resources and skills in order to disciple our children and prepare them for university and life with a Classical Christian Education.

Our primary school students learn to love learning by reading great literature and doing enriching activities together.

Our high school students read the classics which shaped the greatest civilisations. They discuss, debate, write and speak beautifully. They graduate with an American High School Diploma, a biblical worldview and leadership skills for life!

Our teachers motivate students and share the load with parents.

Come join us on Fridays in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Amanzimtoti, or Nelspruit!

Or sign up for our online courses!

“ How can we ever thank the Lord for bringing this co-op opportunity into our lives? Such a blessing in spiritual discernment according to Bible truths. Our whole family is benefitting from the valuable content and the eternal values instilled through the Omnibus curriculum. Wonderful to venture on the path of Classical Christian Education with the support and discussions of a co-op family.”

~Andriette van den Berg